Bond. James Bond.

Last Sunday I finally went to the cinema after three full months to see the new Bond movie. I loved it! The three last films performed by Daniel Craig are able to show in a very subtle way the building up of James Bond as the infamous secret agent 007. For a fan like me it is a trill to find out why he drinks a shaken, not stirred Martini and wears a very fit tuxedo or even why he will never be able to truly love a women again.

When I was walking home after the movie, I thought “Why do I like James Bond so much? For sure it is not normal for a girl my age to like Bond movies. So, why do I like it?”

My father is one of the biggest fans of espionage movies I have ever met. When I was younger I used to watch all the Bond movies with him and my brother. Well, only the ones with Sean Connery! Let’s face it! Sean Connery will always be THE James Bond! Maybe my father imprinted on me his worship for secret agents and espionage! I started to wonder what other likes and aspects of my personality were imprinted on me by my father.

He likes to dance. He adores cinema. He loves nature and camping. He enjoys the sun, the beach and the ocean. He was in Academia. He loves to experience new cultures. He protects his freedom. He seeks for a deep knowledge about the world and life. He loves to challenge himself.

“Does it look familiar?”

Yes! I’m almost an exact copy of my father!

“Is it genetic or is it just a case of parental imprinting?”

A classical debate in biology: Nature vs. Nurture. An interesting topic for a forthcoming post!

Photos taken by Luciana Almeida in Tenerife, Canarias, August 2005

Well, coming back to the movie! I strongly recommend it. Especially if you are a 007 fan like me. I’m pretty sure the next film will reveal a little bit more about Bond’s family and his childhood. I have a gut feeling.

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