Garden State.

A good movie always makes me wonder about my life, my choices, my problems. Garden State is one of those movies. I strongly recommend it.

Sam: “You don’t realize, this is good, this doesn’t happen often in your life. We can work this stuff out. I want to help you, you know? We need each other…”

Andrew: “This isn’t a conversation about this being over, it’s… I’m not, like, putting a period at the end of this, you know, I’m putting, like, an ellipsis on it, cause I’m- I’m worried that if I don’t figure myself out, if I don’t go like land on my own two feet, then I’m just gonna to mess this whole thing up, and this is too important. I gotta go. You changed my life in four days. This is the beginning of something really big. But right now, I gotta go.”

Photo taken by Cláudia Mendes in Suomenlinna Island, Helsinki, Finland, January 2012
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5 Responses to Garden State.

  1. ritins87 says:

    this movie has been on my “to watch” list for a while… i guess it’s about time to finally download it!

  2. Andreia Penado says:

    Bonito…proximo filme a ver! 😉

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