Dance. Dance. Otherwise we are lost.

On Sunday night my right shoulder was hurting. It was a weird pain. Similar to the one I have when I sleep on top of one arm. A numb pain.

I couldn’t sleep. I was awake all night long.

Next morning my shoulder was still hurting. I then did some stretching and arm rotations for some time. The pain began to fade away.

In the end of the day my shoulder was not hurting any more. I really wanted to go to my dance classes, but I was afraid the pain would come back. I decided to only go to one class instead of three.

I didn’t stick to my plan. I did Belly Dance, Popping and New Style. My shoulder didn’t hurt at all. I was happy.

When I arrived at home one of my friends posted a great house beat on Facebook. I played it as loud as I could. It was 11pm. I started to practice the new house dance moves that I learned last week and I mixed them with belly dance and popping moves. It was great.

I continued to dance even when I was cooking my dinner. After eating my dinner I still continued to dance until 1am.

When I finally went to bed I had completely forgotten how miserable I was feeling that morning.

Dance has this effect on me.

It makes me happy when I most need.

Photo taken by Marisa Oliveira at AMeeGuS, Foz do Arelho, Portugal, February 2012.
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2 Responses to Dance. Dance. Otherwise we are lost.

  1. loveablestef says:

    Dance is amazing like that!

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