The Right Person. The Wrong Time.

I found you when I least expect it. I feel warm and cosy around you. It is a mix of respect, honesty, trust, admiration, physical attraction and friendship.

You encourage me to follow my dreams and to conquer my fears. I like the way you care about me. You always make sure if I’m safe, but you don’t smother me. I can be myself with you. I can be goofy and serious at the same time. You understand me like no one else.

The few times we have been together we have shared many special and eternal moments.

I will always remember this moment. On a cold winter morning, right after we woke up, you look into my sleepy eyes and said “You are so beautiful” in the most sincere way I have ever heard from someone. You melted my heart right there.


It is the wrong time. I am not ready. You are not ready. We are both afraid of hurting each other. At this moment I won’t be able to make you happy as you deserve. I’m too complicated and messed up.


I am a romantic dreamer. I believe in happy endings. I hope one day we have our chance to be happy together.

Sonny: “Everything will be all right in the end. If it is not all right then it is not yet the end.

From the movie The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)


Photo taken by Cláudia Mendes in Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra, Portugal, November 2012. I can see the bright light in the end of the tunnel.
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5 Responses to The Right Person. The Wrong Time.

  1. shabbeerhassan says:

    Ahh, that last line touched me deeply !! 🙂 Btw, did you like that movie? I simply loved it…

    • You liked the line from the movie or the last line that I wrote? =)

      Of course you simply loved the movie! It is about the beauty of your lovely country! It is one of my favorite movies of the year. I hope I find happiness and fulfillment before they did!

      Btw, how are you? You have to send me your home address. I want to send you a Christmas Postcard!

      • shabbeerhassan says:

        Ohh i liked both !! 🙂 Ah ha, so you too liked the movie. I am sure you will feel happy and contented before they did. The reason why they didn’t was they were stuck at one place, going by their lives in the same dull routine without actually examining it. So, they lived life like a chore. On the other hand, in your own words your experience in Finland changed you from within and gave you a fresh perspective.

        I also need your address for the new year card 🙂 I am going to mail you my address.

  2. ritins87 says:

    Eu também costumava ser assim. Mas comecei a aperceber-me de que coisas assim tão boas talvez não acontençam mais nenhuma vez… so, just go for it 😉

    • Se ele não vivesse no outro canto da Europa até que seguia o teu conselho…Não quero saltar de cabeça como sempre fiz e acabar por estragar a relação que temos. É uma batalha constante =)

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