Music has an intoxicating effect on me. I immediately start dancing. Even if I just do a simple bounce. My body becomes the music and I get in the zone.

However, I don’t like clubbing. I don’t like to dance in a circle and make “side steps”. I don’t like to dress up for dancing. I don’t like to feel like a sexual object. I don’t like to be stared by other girls every time I do something different from the “side steps”.

Last Saturday I went to an Hip Hop Party where the DJ was one of my favourite dance teachers. I would finally be able to dance freely.

I was wrong.

 There was a big circle with one or two people dancing in the middle and the rest was clapping or cheering. Most people just wanted to show off their crazy dance moves and very few were really enjoying the music and getting in the zone. I was a bit disappointed.

I decided to be part of the minority. I decided to dance for myself in the far end of the room. I was feeling the music and having fun with it. It was great.

Think outside of the box. Dance outside of the circle. My two new premises.


Photo taken by João Mota at 60’s Party in Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Oeiras, Portugal, June 2012.
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