A couple of months ago I did my very first flashmob. The goal of the entire flashmob was to make a TV ad for the brand Pespi. The participants would wear white, red or blue t-shirts and after several basic dance moves they would run to the middle of the square in a specific order and make the Pepsi logo with their t-shirts.

The idea was cool, but we only had three rehearsals of one hour each and we were only 20 people (or less…). I’m pretty sure it was the worst flashmob ever!


I performed this flashmob with some of my best friends. Crocodile Crew in da house! The choreographer in charge is one of my favourite dance teachers and the rehearsals were so much fun with so many random laughs.  Those random laughs that only happen late at night when everyone is mentally and physically tired. The best ones.

After this experience, I can definitely say the famous motto “The goal is nothing compared to the path“. The path was by far much more important and special than the actual goal.

P.S. I’m the girl with three flowers (white, red and blue) in the hair.

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