Staying young.

In the last couple of years I have had a strong desire to return to one of my old hobbies: roller skating. Maybe because I feel nostalgic when I see someone roller skating. Or maybe I miss doing something so simple that makes me truly happy.

When I was a kid, my father would take me to a different garden in the city centre almost every weekend. I would roller skate for hours with an old pair of quad skates. They were made with four wheels set in two side-by-side pairs, a piece of metal and several strings to fit over my ordinary shoes.  I remember they would come off very easily from my feet.

My parents then gave me a brand new pair of inline skates. I was so happy! I could finally learn some advanced moves and perform crazy jumps. But one day, during summer holidays, I fell badly on the floor after trying a new jump. I broke my wrist and I had to use a plaster cast for the rest of the summer. It was the last time I roller skate.

This week I finally bought a new pair of inline skates. And also a good pair of wrist protections…

After a long day at work, me and a good friend of mine went roller skating in an old parking lot near the river. I felt like a little kid again. To feel the wind on my face. To feel the speed. To feel in the zone.

As we get older, we stop doing the simple things that made us happy. We are absorbed by our tasks, responsibilities and problems, and most of the time, we even consider happiness as an intangible feeling. Maybe, just maybe, we should look back and try to return to our old hobbies: roller skating, swimming, dancing, painting, writing.

We should try, at least for a brief period in our busy schedule, to be a kid again. To keep our spirit young. To be truly happy again.

Roller skating

Photo taken by Cláudia Mendes at Lisbon, Portugal, August 2015.

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