Creativity: where it comes from?

Why are some people more creative than others?

A question that has been puzzling me for quite some time. Two possible explanations intimately connected can be drawn. Solely based on my own life experience.

H1: “Everyone is creative at an early age. Such creativity evolves to a mature state with the gain of proper skills or it is gradually lost.”

Some days I would create complex stories with my dolls and Lego toys as a kid. Other days I would imagine I was a famous chef with a busy restaurant, an executive working for a big corporation or even a TV presenter discussing the latest fashion trends.

As I got older, I become more realistic and less imaginative. A feeling of frustration for not being able to express perfectly to the outside world what was inside in my head contributed to the decline of my creativity. I lacked the proper skills and the right motivation. I gradually lost it.

H2: “A genetic basis for creativity exists. However, creativity is not a binary outcome – to be or not be creative -, but a continuous one.”

Me and my brother have distinct creativity levels. We used to play with Lego together as kids. I would build a house with a restaurant in the first floor and create an intricate storytelling with romance, business plans, villains and revenge. Mostly likely influenced by the Brazilian soup operas… On the other hand, my brother would build very realistic aircrafts and make several attempts to destroy my house.

My brother would also join me when I was playing as a chef in a fancy restaurant. However, I was the one imagining the entire scenario. “The restaurant is full! We need two burgers and three vegetable soups!” “Oh no…I burned the burgers. We should do them again!!” “Hurry, hurry! The clients are waiting…”  I was definitely more imaginative than him.

Anyway. Regardless of where creativity comes from, I do miss expressing myself in a creative way. To allow my mind to travel freely. To create new worlds and perspectives. To fulfilled my crazy and random ideas.

I just need to overcome the frustration and improve the right skills.

Shall we try to be creative again? A definitive yes.

Creativity: where it comes from?

Photo taken by Cláudia Mendes at Florence, Italy, July 2014.
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