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I’m back. In the past months I have been working hard in the lab with little time to do anything else. The pressure to finish my PhD. To have at least one complete story. A pressure which mainly comes from … Continue reading

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Driss: “This is not a job anymore.” From the movie Intouchables (2011). This movie is an “odd couple” story, where two opposite persons build an unbreakable friendship with each other against all odds. It is a touching and hilarious true … Continue reading

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A couple of months ago I did my very first flashmob. The goal of the entire flashmob was to make a TV ad for the brand Pespi. The participants would wear white, red or blue t-shirts and after several basic … Continue reading

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Music has an intoxicating effect on me. I immediately start dancing. Even if I just do a simple bounce. My body becomes the music and I get in the zone. However, I don’t like clubbing. I don’t like to dance … Continue reading

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“What do I want to be when I grow up?” Scientist. Dancer. Artist. My choice was to be a scientist. From all the other possibilities it seemed to be the most reasonable one. I wouldn’t need to be talented or … Continue reading

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Busy Being Happy.

Last week was pretty busy. A lab meeting where I presented my weird results on Wednesday afternoon. A music concert to raise money for Amnesty International on Wednesday night. A Christmas Dinner with my PhD homies on Thursday night. A … Continue reading

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Dance. Dance. Otherwise we are lost.

On Sunday night my right shoulder was hurting. It was a weird pain. Similar to the one I have when I sleep on top of one arm. A numb pain. I couldn’t sleep. I was awake all night long. Next … Continue reading

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