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Often is the case where the people who should read the acknowledgment section in your thesis don’t actually have the chance to do it. Well, here it is. The acknowledgments of my PhD thesis. “At the end of this journey, … Continue reading

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When I was a little kid I had speaking problems. I even went to a speech therapist for some years. The only way I had to express myself was through my drawings. My Mom recently told me I used to … Continue reading

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Martim Moniz. A multi-ethnic neighbourhood.

It was a rainy day. Me and my good friend were having lunch at my new house. I made Tandoori Chicken with Mango Relish. It was delicious. She looked at me with a smile and said  “You are becoming more … Continue reading

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Personal Trademarks.

Some people believe the clothes and accessories we choose to wear are a physical representation of our state of mind on that day. Most importantly, they are a physical representation of our personality and life history. I’m one of those … Continue reading

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Love. Commitment. Family.

I spent the Halloween evening eating pizza near a MacGyver-like fireplace and having a blast with Vasquinho, the two-years son of Pedro and Sara. I made him an improvised mask with a beer carton box. He chased and scared people … Continue reading

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Bond. James Bond.

Last Sunday I finally went to the cinema after three full months to see the new Bond movie. I loved it! The three last films performed by Daniel Craig are able to show in a very subtle way the building … Continue reading

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